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Trip to UK/Luxembourg/Paris:

June 15 - July 1, 2002

Kurt has a rule... one international trip every two years. But fortunately, he doesn't mind if I go. So this year, I'm going on a trip with part of the Workman clan... we're leaving the hubbies at home!

Patti, Max (9), Lauren (14) and I will be going on a whirlwind trip to London, Luxembourg and Paris. This is their first time in Europe, so it will be fun to show them around. And we'll get to discover a Europe made for kids.

We travel to Luxembourg to visit Patti's sister Lori, and her husband Steven. They will move to Luxembourg to work for the US embassy the same day we leave for our trip. No bike races this time though. We leave before the Tour makes its start in Luxembourg.

After a short stay in Luxembourg, Lori will travel with us to Paris to have some fun in the City of Light.

Staying At...
June 15 Leave for London --
June 16 London Belgravia Flat
June 17 London Belgravia Flat
June 18 London Belgravia Flat
June 19 London Belgravia Flat
June 20 London Belgravia Flat
June 21 London/Luxembourg

Belgravia Flat/Steven & Lori's

June 22 Luxembourg Steven & Lori's
June 23 Luxembourg Steven & Lori's
June 24 Luxembourg Steven & Lori's
June 25 Travel to Paris (via train) Ile de la Cité apt
June 26 Paris Ile de la Cité apt
June 27 Paris Ile de la Cité apt
June 28 Paris Ile de la Cité apt
June 29 Paris Ile de la Cité apt
June 30 Paris

Ile de la Cité apt

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