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Travel... oh, the places we've seen!


Trip logs:

May 13 - Jun 11 2001 Italy: Val Venosta and Tuscany
Jul 12 - Jul 30 2001 France: Riviera, Paris, and le Tour de France
Jun 15 - Jul 1 2002

London, Luxembourg, Paris

Dec 26 - Dec 31 2002 New York City
Jul 19 - Jul 22 2003 New York City
Sep 6 - Sep 21 2004 Germany & Italy: Berlin, Leipzig, Florence, Urbino & Venice
Sep 18 - Oct 2 2005 Spain: Barcelona & Madrid

Travel links and tips:

Great travel web sites
Traveling by air: when to go, finding cheap flights, how to get upgrades
Traveling by train: i biglietti, links
Where to stay (and where not to): Useful links and great places to stay
Touring by bike: tips and tricks
What to pack: for a 2-3 week trip to Europe without bikes

Going overseas without your spouse? Be sure and call your credit card companies. Tell them where you'll be and when you'll be there (not a bad idea even if you are with your spouse). Otherwise, you will trigger a fraud alert and your credit card may become useless for the remainder of the trip (happened to me in 2001).