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September 10 - Travel to Leipzig

We left for the train station early in the morning. Carol & Tina smartly left a couple of bags at the hotel so we didn't have quite as much stuff to schlep had we otherwise not done so.

We walked over to the S-bahn station, luggage in tow. It was quite a walk, as we all had way too much stuff.

We staked out a place on the platform, and then took turns getting some chow. While we were waiting, someone approached us wanting us to give them any unused U-bahn tickets. Turned out that these scammers would take tickets from people leaving town, and then go downstairs to sell them to unsuspecting people who were buying U-bahn tickets elsewhere in the station. Wisely, we hung onto our old tickets.

The train arrived, and we all got on board. We had reserved first-class seats, always a good choice. So we had a pleasant ride to Leipzig.

In Leipzig, our hotel was right across the street from the station. The station also had a mall in it, so there were plenty of places to get ice cream and go shopping. It was here that I began my quest to get my phone to work.

My cell phone was supposed to have an international plan, but it didn't work. So I tried to buy a German SIM, which was difficult not speaking the language. It finally turned out that my phone was locked (by AT&T), and could not accept a foreign SIM. I finally had to call AT&T in the US to get them to turn on the international plan. Very annoying.

Our hotel was quite nice. After checking in, we strolled around town.



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