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September 9 -- Berlin

After meeting in the hotel for breakfast, we all traveled over to visit the Reichstag. Pam remarked that she just hadn't slept well at all last night. We went to the convenience store at the train station to get some more bottled water, and Pam pointed to the water she had gotten the day before -- it was something like "H20 Joe". In other words, it was caffeinated water!!! No wonder she didn't get any sleep..

We ambled on over to the Reichstag, and saw a fairly short line for the Reichstag. The wait was about 30 minutes at which point we got to ride up to the top floor in the elevator. If I remember correctly, the Reichstag was burned inside by Hitler's minions at the end of WW II. Berlin held a big competition to rearchitect the building, and the winning architect proposed building a glass dome at the top. Apparently it was very controversial, but it was finally built.

The top of the Reichstag offers an incredible view of the city. You can climb to the top of the glass dome, winding your way up intertwined circular ramps. I did walk to the top, and then just as quickly walked down (not being much one for heights).

After the Reichstag, we walked over to Brandenberg Tor, and found a lovely cafe at which to have lunch. Near Brandenberg Tor are many of the embassies, and of course a Starbucks. There was heightened security, and it turned out that premier of Iraq was visiting that day.

After lunch, we bid adieu to Carol & Tina, who took an open-air bus tour of the city. Pam, Heide and I walked down the main street, past the Russian embassy which had poignant memorials to the children who had just been killed.

I think we went to see one of the museums after this... but to be honest, my memory is a bit dim.


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