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September 6 -- travel to Berlin

The flight left at 2:30. We got to the airport early, with easy check in through the premier line. Kurt and Coda met me at the waiting area, and I got a little lunch while we waited. I bought some books (too many), and bid them a fond adieu and got on the plane.

I had an aisle seat on the side. Next to me sat a young woman in her 20's with short orange hair, a chain with lock around her neck, and short mini skirt with studs... the whole punk-rock look. She turned out to be very nice, and had a sad story to tell. She was from Germany, near Frankfurt, and had been living in San Francisco for the past four years (her English was perfect). She told me she was moving back to Germany, with some mixture of trepidation. She was going to go back to carpentry school for three years. Her boyfriend in the states had been a motorcycle racer, and had killed himself in an accident three weeks prior. (Very sad.) So she was moving back to Germany to get her life together.

During the trip she downed three airplane-sized bottles of Jack Daniels which helped her sleep a little bit. I traded seats with her for a while because her videoscreen was broken. I watched the Italian Job (getting in the mood for the trip), and was very happy I'd purchased an extra battery, as the movie with extras was longer than an hour.

I got a few hours of rest on the plane, although I don't think I really slept. I was glad I'd bought an iPod, as it helped pass the time.

We deplaned in Frankfurt, where I transferred to a flight to Berlin. My seat was in the very last row of a big plane, near the toilets. Pee-yew! Stinky! We had another uneventful flight and arrived in Berlin in the early afternoon.



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