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September 7 -- Berlin

As I'm writing this a year later, I can only remember bits and pieces.

I took a cab to the hotel, a Rick Steve's recommended hotel. Getting out of the cab, I faced the longest staircase I have ever seen. I schlepped up my stuff in two chunks, and checked in. One more flight of stairs to get to the room. (Yes, this was a two-star hotel.) My room looked much like a dorm room: plain wood furniture, single bed, very non descript. But it was very clean, and the staff there were very nice and very helpful.

After checking into my room, I walked downstairs and ran into Pam. I think we waited for Heide and then all went walking up to the Zoo, and then finally out to dinner before crashing. Oh I know there were some funny stories to tell, but I just can't remember any of them!



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