Malles to Merano photographs

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hotel garberhof (177,431 bytes) us below gomagoi (61,478 bytes) birdie john and kurt below gomagoi (451,633 bytes) stelvio sign (105,013 bytes) ww II bunker  (96,863 bytes)
on the way to climb the stelvio (42,740 bytes) turn 48 (137,018 bytes) ski area map (81,045 bytes) view from trafoi (39,923 bytes) view of trafoi from stelvio (106,820 bytes)
view from stelvio (73,862 bytes) john or birdie climbing stelvio (106,197 bytes) up the stelvio (91,531 bytes) turn 34... pluto non c'e! (156,693 bytes) view from turn 34 (126,761 bytes)
kurt climbing up to turn 34 (101,184 bytes) cracked pavement above turn 34 (122,597 bytes) kurt above turn 32.. the end of the road (38,530 bytes) oops... i guess we weren't supposed to climb this! (129,441 bytes) cows in our way on the way to merano (122,030 bytes)