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Sept. 25: Barcelona

Today was day 2 of the conference. We didn't have anything until noon, but this wasn't enough time to do anything before the conference. We met for breakfast, but honestly I cannot remember what we did in the morning before going over to the conference center.

The EJCTS editorial board meeting was at noon in quite a big room. Ian gave his report, and Chris Hammond of Elsevier gave the publisher's report. I sat between Marko Turina (EIC of MMCTS) and Hank Edmunds (EIC of ATS). Hank was very sweet and kept bringing me drinks and cookies... quite the gentleman! The meeting went smoothly, and a number of the dignitaries there had high praise for HighWire, which was nice.

The meeting let out a bit after 2. Heide, Pam and I all went back to the hotel and changed into more comfortable clothing.

I can't remember what we did in the afternoon, but I know we did something!

In the evening, we all changed into our elegant attire and walked over to the convention center where the bus whisked us away to the editors' dinner. The dinner was held in Montjuic, the Jewish neighborhood in Barcelona, at a restaurant that was inside the history museum (I think).

The building was fabulous. A number of people had missed the bus, and their cabs didn't know where to drop them off so they wound up walking quite a bit of the way and were naturally rather nonplussed. The cabbies around Barcelona don't seem to know their way around. Either that or our accents are so bad that they just don't understand where we're asking them to take us!

The dinner overlooked the fountains down below. During dinner we were treated to a fountain/light show (a la Bellagio in Las Vegas). There were many many people down in the square where the fountains were.

I got to sit at the table with the managing editors, and Ian's son Neil. Turns out that Neil is a cyclist, so we talked cycling all night.

During dinner, the weather was turning bad. It started pouring rain, soaking the poor people down below (outside) who were watching the fountain show. There was supposed to be a fireworks show, but alas, it was not to be due to the storm. Instead, we were treated to a spectacular lightning show, which was quite good!

The food was very tasty. Spanish nouvelle cuisine with interesting ingredients.

Unlike last year, the speeches were short and sweet, so we were able to leave around 10 or so.

We got back in the buses. Our bus driver indicated that they were going to stop at the convention center and that those of us who weren't staying at the adjacent hotel were on our own.

Hank wouldn't have any of that, but was unable to convince the driver to take us to our hotels. It was still raining some, and he stood out in the rain to hail us a cab. Chivalry is not dead!

The cab dropped us off, and we all went to bed.