Riva del Garda


Ride Riva del Garda (a piedi)
Distance 10-15 km



May 22: Riva del Garda

A beautiful day. Very hot. Matt, Rita, Kurt and I walked into Torbole, the next town over (where I crashed the previous day). We went to the bicycling store of Francesco Moser, and to a couple other cycling stores to try to find some local cycling garb to purchase. We struck gold at Carpentari, and both Rita and I were able to get the jersey of the store team. I was also able to buy some Capentari socks.

We mosied on back to Riva, and looked for the center of the town. Our first try got us into a more residential section. Our second try put us in the centro, a fairly touristy town on the shores of Lago di Garda.

The beaches here are gravel, but nevertheless, we saw many sunning themselves. The wind was decent, so we also saw windsurfers out there taking advantage of it.

On the way into town, we walked through the Park of the Hotel du Lac et du Parc. The hotel has a huge plot of land in between the main road and the beach, with what is almost like a nature park. Lots of birds. Grebes with their little greblets (?) swimming in the ponds. It was very peaceful and pretty.

Naturalmente, we had to get a gelato when we were in the city centro. It's really a good thing we're walking around so much!

My wounds from yesterday are healing nicely...

It was a relaxing day and a great day to have a rest!