Wall Street and environs, NY Public Library

The bull on Wall Street (90,069 bytes)Me next to the bull (75,068 bytes)The bull (57,656 bytes)The bear (80,763 bytes)The bear in front of his kingdom (88,812 bytes)
The globe statue that used to be in the WTC (now in battery park) (90,720 bytes)Another view of the globe (102,335 bytes)Battery park (108,059 bytes)The immigrants come from Ellis Island (93,326 bytes)buildings from Battery park (113,680 bytes)
Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (31,325 bytes)View from Battery Park (35,744 bytes)War Memorial in Battery Park (71,242 bytes)Buildings and War memorial (61,157 bytes)Statue o' liberty (29,243 bytes)
NY Stock Exchange (currently closed to visitors) (71,144 bytes)George Washington on Wall Street (47,757 bytes)Wall Street (63,488 bytes)NYSE (70,216 bytes)Near the WTC (72,631 bytes)
Near the WTC (65,728 bytes)Near the WTC (66,413 bytes)Near the WTC (51,468 bytes)Around the corner from the WTC... post no bills (76,100 bytes)Building next to the WTC (69,712 bytes)
Buildings near the WTC (60,059 bytes)J&R Music World! (53,333 bytes)City Hall (89,295 bytes)City hall (75,464 bytes)building near city hall (49,880 bytes)
Brooklyn bridge (25,825 bytes)important building (78,381 bytes)bottom of important building (90,969 bytes)crysler building from below (49,022 bytes)ny public library (51,319 bytes)
lion in front of ny public library (48,475 bytes)statue at ny public library (58,705 bytes)lion in front of ny public library (61,659 bytes)