NYC World Trade Center area

One Financial Center (56,163 bytes)Looking towards NJ from One Financial Center (40,524 bytes)Sculpture at One Financial Center (24,816 bytes)One Financial Center (74,597 bytes)Construction at 1 financial center (55,940 bytes)
more construction (20,432 bytes)One finanancial center interior (93,908 bytes)Looking out at the WTC from 1 financial center (60,130 bytes)Looking out (60,814 bytes)1 financial center interior (72,069 bytes)
WTC replacement proposals (59,014 bytes)The hole at WTC (67,291 bytes)Memorial to human spirit (51,428 bytes)buildings around 1 financial center (35,797 bytes)building near WTC still under reconstruction (60,386 bytes)
WTC hole (65,357 bytes)corridor along the WTC (33,711 bytes)Corridor along the WTC (37,982 bytes)TY note at WTC (64,699 bytes)ty note (62,629 bytes)
along the WTC (63,699 bytes)police line (52,300 bytes)looking into the wtc (87,798 bytes)looking into the wtc... path train reconstruction (94,248 bytes)looking into the wtc (97,869 bytes)
scrawls from visitors to the WTC (42,991 bytes)WTC environs (31,446 bytes)The Burger King (62,153 bytes)construction at the WTC (52,884 bytes)The cross discovered in the WTC rubble (51,101 bytes)
Christmas tree at the WTC (57,851 bytes)Xmas tree (66,823 bytes)building next to the WTC (53,131 bytes)Menorah at WTC (58,194 bytes)Church and memorials next to the WTC (92,220 bytes)
Church and memorials next to WTC (88,047 bytes)building next to WTC still under reconstruction (72,414 bytes)church and memorials (98,520 bytes)church and memorials (55,049 bytes)memorials next to the church (61,150 bytes)
memorials next to the church (81,674 bytes)memorials and graveyard (97,215 bytes)graveyard in the church (112,809 bytes)human spirit poster from the church (76,836 bytes)