NYC: Midtown, Rockefeller Center

The tree at Rockefeller Center (92,711 bytes) Times Square (56,270 bytes) An interesting NYC building (55,212 bytes) The church on 5th Avenue (74,256 bytes) NYC is into Christmas in a BIG way! (83,134 bytes)
Another interesting building (69,293 bytes) Trump Tower -- the home of excess (65,200 bytes) yab (yet another building) (64,361 bytes) Reflections on buildings (51,310 bytes) Looking to the Plaza Hotel (80,924 bytes)
The statue in front of the Plaza (91,110 bytes) The Plaza thru the trees (121,944 bytes) The Plaza Hotel (103,807 bytes) More reflections (66,517 bytes) Inside trump tower (68,174 bytes)
In front of the Disney store (72,272 bytes) The Disney store (77,049 bytes) The old and the new (52,178 bytes) The church (66,869 bytes) Side view of the church (69,854 bytes)
Inside the church (51,211 bytes) Stained glass in the church (43,736 bytes) The apse (42,926 bytes) church interior (19,190 bytes) The tree in Rockefeller Plaza (89,129 bytes)
The tree (66,308 bytes) Industrious (62,768 bytes) Church through the trees (333,502 bytes) Church (344,102 bytes) Macy's NYC with the Empire State building in the background (39,627 bytes)