Pups At 4 weeks (taken July 6, 2002)

captions at the bottom of each photo


Lady Di and her pups (97,801 bytes)Diamond gazing at pups (252,041 bytes)Proof that Kurt really does like dogs! (71,214 bytes)petting the pups (50,885 bytes)pup playing with ball (44,755 bytes)
Jonesy (?) with a towel (281,989 bytes)Jonesy playing with towel (206,750 bytes)Jonesy killing the towel (130,927 bytes)More playing with the towel (256,545 bytes)Love that towel! (248,561 bytes)
everyone getting in on the action (105,107 bytes)some puppies too tuckered to tangle (73,362 bytes)i'm awake! play with me! (69,472 bytes)puppies exploring their nest (97,067 bytes)pups playing (231,650 bytes)
... and now they're sleeping (173,815 bytes)pups sleeping in their pack (95,001 bytes)pups sleeping (49,689 bytes)